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We pay our dues to the women who made rock'n'roll a better place.

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In recognition of #InternationalWomensDay I thought it appropriate to share this rather excellent article from I'm not being lazy here, on the contrary, this is the perfect way to honour the great women that have mad a difference to the music scene. I take no credit for the article below - it seemed pointless trying to re-hash an already excellently written piece. I take only the credit for sharing this with you...

In the words of the author: There’s a risk with lists like these. Some people think that when we isolate female guitarists, bassists or vocalists into a list of their very own, that it implicitly suggests that it isn’t a list of the real talent, but an admission that the only way to celebrate women is to remove the more significant contribution of men from the conversation. That we’ve separated them because they simply can’t hold their own against the men.

Bollocks to that. The women on this list aren’t just as good as men, they’re better.

Each and every one of them had to work, fight and play harder just to be accepted on the same terms as their male counterparts. And when they made it, they ripped up the rulebooks they were handed and re-invented the genres they entered on their own terms.

Hooked yet? You should be and by now I bet your dying to see who is on the list - here's a link to the full article online - you can view it HERE.

It's a great piece, I hope you enjoy it on today of all days!

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