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A trip down memory lane with Eric and Ernie.

Morecambe and Wise – Britain’s best and most loved double act. An unforgettable part of growing up; the unmissable Christmas Specials, the laugh-out-loud humour and the Morecambe and Wise Special book (pictured). I stumbled across my copy recently whilst clearing out my studio. Flicking through it the memories came flooding back; the great sketches, the family-friendly humour, the constant but good-natured humiliation of Des O’Connor and of course, the song and the dance!

The book was a Christmas present from my parents. The published date in the back says 1977. It somehow feels like it was much earlier than that but that was indeed the date it was published - it’s a heady contrast to the new wave of punk that was sweeping across Britain at the time!

Re-issued in 2009 it was reviewed by Google as being “…a scrapbook compendium packed with laughs and jokes, games, snaps and comic strips, stories and spoofs, and even a centrefold - not necessarily in that order. Lots of sunshine, and plenty for a rainy day too. Everything, in fact, that you would expect from Britain's best loved comic duo. They've still got it, you know.” Thats a pretty accurate account of this piece of historical comedy literature!

I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing some images from the book which, for me, perfectly capture the wit and wisdom of Eric and Ernie.

I’ve flicked through it on numerous occasions since I found it. It’s pure gold! The price printed on the back cover is £3.25 – that’s about £20 in today’s money. A trawl through eBay will pick you up a copy of the original 1977 version for around a fiver – money well spent in my opinion.

And of course, that song…

If ever you’re feeling down and at odds with the world, take a minute to look up ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ on YouTube; it’ll brighten your day I promise you.

Here’s a link: and just because I can, below is a snippet from the book with the lyrics and dance moves…

Morecambe and Wise truly were the greatest British double-act ever. Growing up in the Butterfield household watching them on TV was a family occasion and the Christmas Specials were nothing short of a family tradition. Watching them back today they still make me laugh out loud. The humour, for me, is timeless. I’m not sure my grown-up kids, or the youth of today in general, quite get it. Maybe it's the comedy of an era, but it was my era and I’m glad I was around to see it.

Some have cited Ant and Dec to be the new Morecambe and Wise but I’m confident that even messrs McPartlin and Donnelly would strongly dispute this claim. Don’t get me wrong, Ant and Dec brilliantly deliver family orientated entertainment and have very few, if any, rivals in what they do. But they’ll never be Morecambe and Wise. Only Eric and Ernie can hold that particular torch.

In this world where we live there should be more happiness. So much joy you can give to each brand new bright tomorrow. Bring me fun, bring me sun, bring me love!

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