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The Ford Capri fastback coupe was a 70's icon.

I owned one of these in the early 80's - a 1974 MK2 2.0 Ghia, bronze metallic paint, black vinyl roof, radio/cdssette player, sports wheels, front fogs, tinted windows, sun roof... cool or what? It was my 3rd car; my previous jalopies had been a 1971 Vauxhall HC Viva Estate (I was in a band, I had to carry the pa around!) followed by a 1967 MG Midget (yep, me, 6'5" in an MG Midget - I was no longer in the band). The Capri was to be the last of my privately owned cars for some years as I moved on up the corporate ladder into the heady world of company cars.

I loved this car. I had a new job that required me to be out and about so the old MG Midget just wouldn't cut it. A hefty investment of £525 secured me this classic beast (with an equally hefty insurance premium too!).

"Just think, for the same kind of money you could have an ordinary family saloon."

I had some great times in this car. I met my wife during that time - I think she was impressed with my stylish choice of transport. It was, for the early 80's, pure luxury. Classic looks too - designed by Philip T Clark, the man responsible for the Ford Mustang. The handling could also be, err, classic - yes the rumour about putting a bag of cement in the boot to improve handling was indeed true; the rear end could be a bit lively in the wet.

I sold it after a year or so as a result of getting my first company car; a shiny new black Opel Manta GT/J. Oh yeah, I had arrived in the creative industry of London's West End with some style.

I often wonder what happened to my beloved Capri. It's probably been long since crushed and recycled into usable metal fragments. Who knows it might even form part of something I currently own; my latest car, the bridge on one of my bass guitars - now wouldn't that be a case of wonderful serendipity?

Me and my Capri 2.0 Ghia at my parent's house early 1980's.

In the extremely rare instance that it might still be a runner, if you see it (registration HVS210N) take a pic and let me know.

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