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The obsession continues...

So, here we have it, as promised, an overview of walks 6 – 10 for anyone who is remotely interested in my current desire to don my new walking boots at any possible opportunity.

This latest obsession is not only doing me good physically and mentally, but also allowing me the chance to explore new places and re-visit some of the places I haven’t been to in recent years. This country really does have a lot to offer if you can be bothered (and are able) to get out there and look for it.

Walk No.6

14th July 2019 – 2.4km (1.5 miles)

It’s a Sunday Morning after a Saturday night festival gig at Music in the Park in Farnborough. It’s also the day of the British Grand Prix so I’m keen do a quick walk and get back in time for the start of the race. After a quick pot of mid-morning Earl Grey at the Bromham Mill me and the wife head down the road across the Bromham Bridge to a footpath alongside the River Great Ouse which is part of the Biddenham Heritage Trail. It’s incredible that we’ve never actually done this walk and it’s only minutes from our house. It’s an easy level stroll, perfect for a Sunday morning amble and to top it off we bump into our friend Lyndsey who we haven’t seen in years, so it was good to catch up with her whilst we walked.

We were back in time for the start of the race and to top off a great day Lewis Hamilton won the Silverstone Grand Prix for a record breaking sixth time. Fabulous!

Walk No.7

16th July 2019 – 3.4km (2.1 miles)

Today we’re heading straight out of our front door to the footpath opposite our house, doing a short loop up around the wood, across the fields to Bury End and then back down the lane to home. The weather is perfect, and the fields must soon be ready for their harvest which will mean a complete change of scenery in the coming weeks. Isn’t our countryside wonderful?

Walk No.8

17th July 2019 6.8km (4.2 miles)

Sharpenhoe Clappers… I remember going there as a child and climbing the steep hill to the supposedly haunted forest at the top. And I also remember taking my two children there about 20 years ago to do brass rubbing on the monument at the top. When I start to climb the hill from the Barton-le-Clay road I also remember how bloody steep this initial climb is! But it’s worth it for the views over Sharpenhoe, Barton-le-Clay and beyond.

Sharpenhoe Clappers is a classic chalk escarpment and part of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is crowned with traces of an Iron Age hill-fort and an impressive beech wood.

After climbing the hill and doing a circuit around and back through the woods, I headed out over the hill towards Streatley before making my way back through the wood and down the steep hill back to my car. The day had turned very humid and the walk turned out to be quite a CV workout. Little did I know at the time that I’d be venturing out for a second walk later that day!

Walk No.9

17th July 2019 – 2.6km (1.6 miles)

My wife returned from a meeting mid-afternoon and said that she quite fancied an early evening walk – who was I to argue? We’d head back to the lovely Harrold and Odell Country Park to investigate the River Meadow walk which lies adjacent to the lake walk (see Walk No.1 in my earlier blog post These Boots Were Made For Walking). The walk takes you around the smaller Kingfisher Lake and up alongside the Great River Ouse before looping back on the main path beside Grebe Lake. It’s a perfect top-up to my Sharpenhoe walk earlier that day.

Walk No.10

19th July 2019 – 3.3km (2.0 miles)

The weather is a bit pants if I’m honest. I would say unseasonably wet but I’m not sure that wet weather in mid July is particularly unseasonable these days! Checking the weather forecast I see a suitable window so head over to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes.

I’ve been to Willen Lake on many occasions and it offers a nice walking/cycle path and ‘fitness trail’ around a North and South Lake. I’ll be doing just the perimeter of the South Lake today, just to keep the muscles moving, as the weather is looking particularly threatening.

Willen Lake is Milton Keynes most popular park and offers visitors, in addition to the walking/cycling, an array of watersport activities as well as a ‘tree-top extreme’ attraction for those for a head with heights. Today I’m sticking with the walking!

I manage to complete the circular walk rain free and even find time for a coffee in the lakeside café.

So, that’s the next five walks suitably logged and blogged. I’m up to 16 walks to date so I’d better get the next five documented and out in a post soon – you’ll be able to read about how I coped with my walk on the hottest day of the year… in fact the hottest day in the UK since records began!

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with my walks as they happen (and follow all the usual gig and vinyl shenanigans) then catch me on social media as well as this blog:




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