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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

Photo by Rob Butterfield. Stagsden 01.06.20

It’s been a month since I wrote anything new on this blog. For those that enjoy my mindless meanderings, I’m sorry. For those that hate my stuff… I’m sorry, because now I’m back. I hope you’ve all been keeping well? I’ve been keeping myself as busy as I can; some of you may have even seen my musical exploits and collaborations from my Lockdown Studio. I’ve been a bit un-productive over the last week or so if I’m honest but for those that have seen and enjoyed them I promise there are more tunes to come.

My last post #HOPE was, I hope, pretty much self-explanatory in its reasoning, content and approach. It was, I hope, pretty positive given the current circumstances that we find ourselves in. Overall I’ve remained optimistic through the lockdown. I’m eating healthily, walking every day and have shed a few pounds too which is always a bonus! I’m keeping in contact with family and friends thanks to modern technology and have even caught up with friends I haven’t spoken to in ages. I, like many, am longing for the day we can all meet up, hug and once again do the many things we used to take for granted.

Lately I’ve become restless and waking up early has become a daily thing for me during lockdown. This morning was no exception so I opted, as I’ve done on so many occasions, for a head-clearing early morning walk. I passed the spot where I took the picture that inspired my last blog post. Unlike the last time however it didn’t flip my mood – it left me a bit cold if I’m honest. Sure, the shoots of those new beginnings I talked about have indeed begun to show signs of growth but, as a view, for me anyway, it lacked something and it kind of summed up how I’m feeling right now… a little bit uneasy if you like. I took a photograph and have used it as the header picture for this post. Maybe you agree with me, maybe not?

You see I should, I guess, be excited about the current relaxing of the lockdown rules as we enter the ‘recovery’ stage of the pandemic. But I’m not. I’m actually feeling very concerned that we’re doing too much too soon and we’re heading full-speed into a second peak.

Thinking things through on my walk (as you do) I tried to get to the bottom of my concerns. Surely the advice we’re being given is balanced, considered, based on facts and done with the interests of the people at its heart… isn’t it? If I were a conspiracy theorist (which I’m not) I’d be convinced that we’re being knowingly lead into a scenario of herd immunity which would prove to be the quickest route to a recovering economy – putting money before people. After all, we now have the Nightingale Hospitals ready and waiting, ICU capacity is currently only running at about 12% (not fact checked but about right I think), we’ve billions of items of PPE now in the pipeline and testing and tracking is up to speed(ish). In short, we’re now ready for whatever this pandemic can throw at us in a second spike – we’ve flattened the curve to ensure we didn’t overstretch the NHS last time around so we can build greater capacity for the next wave. The science is being ignored. We’re still at alert level 4 when we should have been at level 3 before we started relaxing lockdown and the ‘R’ value is still perilously close to 1. The ‘experts’ seem extremely uncomfortable in the latest daily press conferences. As I said, I’m no conspiracy theorist and I’m certainly not one to get into political debate – you can use any of the social media channels you like if you want to get into that and argue with the ‘experts’. I don’t.

I’m no authority on these matters either so don’t be alarmed by my latest musings. I am by nature a pretty positive person who is, in the most part, full of hope. This time my real hope is that I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the lockdown is getting to me and I need to embrace the new relaxing of the rules and get out there and mingle with all the other ‘Covidiots’. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t. You do you and I’ll do me. And I promise my next blog post will be a little more light-hearted.

Stay safe people. Much love x

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