• Rob Butterfield


Really? What has the world come to?

There was a time when a good old pelting with eggs and flour was the ultimate political protest. But it seems that the more recent incidents against Mr Farage and Mr Robinson have been classed as acts of terror. It's not for me to comment on whether or not I think these guys deserved it, or to condone the act of spraying a political leader with a flavoursome milk-based treat, but is it really terrorism... or just a protest?

I could open a whole can of worms here and I'm certainly not sticking a stake in the ground saying that I'm a supporter of this new 'trend'. Far from it. Many could be 'terrorised' if on the receiving end of anything being unexpectedly thrown at them. God forbid that the chosen projectile be anything more sinister than a modest milkshake!

I fear this will become an increasing trend and we've not heard the last of these kind of incidents. The media have gone mad for it - and we all know how these can escalate thanks to social media and politically bias reporting. But where will it all end?

Maybe there's a need for all politicians to start taking lessons from John Prescott on how to appropriately respond in such circumstances (good old 'two jabs'). I don't know. Next time I'm indulging in fast food I'll have to carefully consider my order; a veggie burger, fries and banana protest shake please... and supersize that!

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