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There's a buzz on my bass!

Forget the Elf on a Shelf, all hail the Space Ranger in Danger! #bloodybuzz

Followers (sufferers?!) of my many social media channels may have noticed my latest obsession with a certain Pixar/Toy Story celebrity character Buzz Lightyear. For those that don’t/haven’t I urge you to check him out (links at the bottom of this story). In true U&O style it’s completely self-indulgent (some may say pointless) and as is the case in so many of my posts it begs the question ‘Why?’ – why do you do this stuff Rob?

I have no rational explanation but, in the interests of men in white coats coming to take me away (Ha! Ha!), I’ll try and explain.

It stems from Halloween when my son (who’s 27 by the way) used my Amazon Prime account to facilitate express delivery on a plastic Buzz figure to embellish his Sidney 'Sid' Phillips costume for an imminent party (don’t ask!). When it arrived, I thought it had a certain tactile charm and asked if I could ‘acquire’ him once his appearance at the party was complete – I had an idea in mind…

For those that don’t know me that well ‘an idea in mind’ should probably be approached with caution. I have an undeniable talent to produce ‘content’ that many find completely pointless; but I sleep well at night knowing that I may have brightened up at least one person’s day with my mindless nonsense. And my Mum, if she did social media, would be incredibly proud!

As an antidote to the endless election propaganda on social media I thought I’d try and lighten up the nation’s mood with some completely nonsensical content. Social media was also victim to countless ‘elf on a shelf’ posts as Christmas approaches so it was a kind of alternative to that too. It started with the pun ‘I have a buzz on my bass’ accompanied by a picture of Buzz sitting on one of my favourite bass guitars (main picure) - #bloodybuzz was officially born.

It’s a simple concept that could run and run (it’s probably at ‘brisk walk’ pace at the moment) but in all honesty I’m not sure I’m going to subject people to much more of this nonsense (see aforementioned nonsense below). Buzz may have to come to a sticky end, he’s actually starting to get on my nerves a bit with his escapades and he may soon have to be banished ‘to infinity and beyond!’

So, the Space Ranger really is in danger. To add insult to injury I heard him messing with my vinyl last night… unforgivable!

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with Buzz’s fate (and follow all the usual gig and vinyl shenanigans) then catch me on social media as well as this blog:




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