• Rob Butterfield


The product of a 70's teenager...

Rob Butterfield c1978/79. Photo by Adam Booth.

Hi, I'm Rob Butterfield. Born in 1962 I guess I'm a classic product of a 70's teenager.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Family life growing up was great and holds many fond memories. I did OK at school. I learnt to play bass, joined a band but never quite made the big time. Got myself a Marketing apprenticeship at Vauxhall Motors. Left to join a creative agency, became a Director, left to set up my own agency. Ran the biggest creative agency in Bedfordshire and the Home Counties.

Got married (still married after 30+ years!), had two amazing children who are now grown up and make me very proud.

Finished with agency life and took over a music venue for a couple of years. Did some consultancy work.

Joined T.Rextasy, the worlds’ only official tribute to Marc Bolan and T.Rex. Started this blog. Who knows where life will take us next?


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