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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Making the most of our circumstances.

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The headline may fly in the face of that great Oasis tune but drastic times call for drastic measures. The Coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate our way of life and as we enter UK lockdown number two, we can all be forgiven for feeling just a tad frustrated with the whole situation.

I’ve not been in the mood for posting much recently – in fact I’ve just checked back and it was the 16th of September; that’s almost eight weeks since my last post… oops! That’s not to say that I’ve been idle, far from it (although I will confess to a few ‘down’ days where my productivity and positivity levels have been only just very slightly north of zero). The house has benefited from a bit of long overdue tlc, I’ve found the time to collaborate remotely with friends in my home studio (check out the music page for some of my efforts) and I’ve been busy re-inventing myself to try and generate some income in light of ALL gigs for 2020 having now been cancelled for T.Rextasy. If you’d told us when we got off of the ferry from Jersey in March, following our rather splendid gig at the islands Opera House, that we wouldn’t be playing another venue for the remainder of the year, we quite frankly wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are… and it royally sucks!

However, I’m not here to dwell on such matters. Hell no, I’m actually here to tell you about some positive stuff – and to blatantly plug the abundance of shizzle that I’m currently involved in. Not what my blog was initially set up to do but the only constant in life is change.

First up – T.Rextasy Livestream Gig – Saturday 28th November 2020.

Yes, we’ve finally got around to sorting this out. We’re heading over to Denmark Studios (not in Denmark!) to delight you all with a multi-camera, full-audio livestream experience – it’ll be like having us playing a private gig in your living room. We first announced it on the 31st October. On the 1st November Boris announced the next lockdown! Thankfully, the studio has confirmed that it is allowed to stay open and as this is work for us we’re allowed to travel. Phew! You can check out all the details and grab yourself a ticket at

Secondly – my range of bespoke Bolan merch is available from my online shop.

With time on my hands I’ve been messing about on the computer and I came up with a Bolan illustration that, if I say so myself, is pretty damn cool. General consensus from those who saw it thought it was pretty cool too, so I decided to produce some t-shirts, ladies vest tops, a cool babygrow (yes, a babygrow – gotta start ‘em young!) and some limited edition prints. Response so far has been great so make sure you get your orders in for Christmas! Check out the shop now.

Thirdly, (and probably finally for this post) I’m back doing some consultancy work.

In my recent blog ‘THIS IS ME’ I talked about what I did for a living ‘back in the day’ and how I was going to be resurrecting those skills in a bid to keep busy while the gigs were off. It’s been a journey of uncertainty and, to some extent, self-doubt if I’m honest, but I finally got my offer clear in my head and have started promoting my services via my and web sites and various social media (and the natty little video above). I’ve picked up a couple of little projects and I’m actually really enjoying being ‘back in the game’. Check out my websites and feel free to recommend me to any of your friends or colleagues who might be in the market for some business and/or branding consultancy – as I say in my blurb, I’m big brand savvy and small business friendly. No frills, no fuss, just good honest help and advice…

So, there you have it. My blog, that is usually a home for my self-indulgent nonsense, has just become an audacious promotional vehicle for my current business-related escapades - and I’m not in the slightest bit ashamed of that. I want nothing more than to be back out on the road with the band but that just isn’t possible right now - and we all know what the devil does with idle hands…

The busier I get the more inclined I feel to write so hopefully I can start posting with more frequency once again. It’s a strange phenomenon that the less you do the less you want to do – I’ve been there and I’m sure many of you have too. Mental health is taking a beating for so many so my hope is that any form of positivity can be infectious. What can you do with your down time?

One final note; a little pandemic joke to lighten the mood – it made me giggle: There used to be a time when I’d cough to cover a fart. These days I find myself farting to cover a cough!

Stay well, stay safe and much love from Upstart Towers.

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