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Getting through the ‘regression’ phase…

I’ve not posted a blog for a month now. These are strange times and for many our emotions are all over the place. I shared the below image on social media yesterday; it’s from an old business associate and now eminent expert in social intelligence. It explained the three psychological phases of a crisis (in our case the current Covid-19 world pandemic) which are as follows:

I am, without doubt, at stage two right now. This simple explanation goes a long way to uncovering why I’ve been feeling the way I have of late. I’ve also had to limit my walking considerably in recent weeks due to a rather painful case of Plantar Fasciitis (extreme heel pain) - the only cure for this, unfortunately, is rest so I’ve been missing the daily walks I’ve taken religiously since the March lockdown.

The uncertainty surrounding future gigs also hit a crucial point yesterday. We’d had so many dates rescheduled for later this year but as those new dates grew ever closer serious doubt was setting in that we’d be able to fulfil them. Recent government tests had shown that, for most venues, running a socially distanced gig was simply unviable. So, when I heard from our booking agent that all our theatre dates for 2020 would now be postponed until 2021 it didn’t come as a huge shock but was, all the same, extremely disappointing. We still have a few rock venue gigs booked in for later this year but there is no guarantee they’ll happen. We’re just waiting on the venues to confirm.

It’s not ‘just a job’ for us – it’s something we live for. We live to perform – we miss the travelling around, the sound checks, the camaraderie, the rush of excitement playing live and of course we miss our most incredible, loyal and supportive fans!

And yes, I know we’re not alone and I get why this is happening, but I’m also frustrated to see photos of packed planes, busy pubs and restaurants, heaving street parties, football street celebrations, busy beaches and events going underground.

So maybe I have every reason to feel tired, irritable, withdrawn and a little un-productive right now.

Why am I telling you all of this? It’s certainly not for the sympathy vote, or as some kind of lame excuse for not posting on here for a while! It’s more about sharing information and maybe helping others in that regression stage who may be struggling with the current lack of certainty in our everyday lives. It all made perfect sense to me – not quite a eureka moment but it was, I guess, comforting to know that current emotions are perfectly normal and that we have the ‘recovery’ phase to look forward to. There’s no guarantee on timings of course but perhaps now I’m more certain about what I won’t be doing for a good few months I can reorient and start focusing on ‘moving beyond’ as opposed to just ‘getting by’.

In the short term for me there are more music collaborations in the pipeline – stay tuned for those. I’m currently, like so many, in the middle of a big re-decorating schedule throughout the house and I’m piecing a few things together to help ‘pay the bills’.

If you’re feeling the strains of regression try and stay focused. Chatting with friends is a great tonic and having plans and something to concentrate on is a must. Be prepared for change and new challenges. Rest assured when we’re able to we’re all gonna party like we’ve never partied before!

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with my recovery journey and follow my (mostly) daily ramblings then catch me on social media as well as this blog:




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