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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed an absence of posts over the last few weeks. For many though I’m confident that my recent lack of meanderings hasn’t left a gaping hole in your life! And of course, there’s also been an unprecedented volume of political shenanigans to keep you occupied… real life is turning out to be one hell of a sitcom eh? Or should that be a comedy farce?

Anyway, enough of that politics stuff, I’m sure you are all, like me, fed up to the back teeth of it (where did that expression come from? I must look it up).

So, onto matters more trivial and the question I know that almost none of you have been dying to ask. Is there more to come from Upstarts and Oligarchs (U&O)? Well the answer is most definitely YES and I know that this will also beg the question ‘It’s not just going to be more of that boring walking nonsense is it?’

Well, frankly, the answer to that is probably NO but for fans of the ‘walking nonsense’ (I know you’re out there… hello… hello… is anybody there?) keep a look out for news on a very specific walking dedicated blog and the #getoutthere stuff that’s going to be happening alongside it – after all, walking is the new rock and roll right?

Truth be known, my focus has been drawn to some other stuff recently and all that ‘walking nonsense’ has been part of my coping mechanism giving me the opportunity to clear my head and focus. Not to mention the associated health benefits of dragging my over-indulged body around some quite beautiful parts of this country.

I’ve always been an advocate of the saying ‘if you have nothing to say then say nothing’ and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is to produce meaningless blog posts just for the sake of it ('Isn’t that what you’ve been doing anyway' I hear the more cynical among you cry! Please, give this kid a break!).

I set up U&O primarily as a creative outlet for this 1970’s teenager with a passion for music – reminiscing about the past and blabbering on about stuff that interests me; stuff influenced by my teenage years in what was a most exciting era. All in all, pretty self-indulgent, but hopefully enjoyable for others ‘of a certain age’ to read. I hope I’ve achieved that to date but felt I needed the time to re-focus my efforts to keep it true to its original intention.

So, expect more reminiscing, more music stuff (much more music stuff) and very occasionally the odd narrative that will make you ask the question ‘Why? Why are you writing this stuff?’ The answer to that question will always be ‘Because I can!’

I’m working on some pieces currently and I hope to share them with you in the coming weeks. I’m also happy to collaborate so if you’ve got any stories that you feel might be suitable for U&O then hit me up. Until then, stay groovy!

Oh, by the way, the Collins Dictionary meaning of ‘fed up to the back teeth’ is; annoyed or tired because something has been happening for a long time and you think it should be stopped or changed.

And apparently the most likely origin of this expression is something on the lines, metaphorically speaking, of having had far too much food for you to stomach and digest - which as we all know can literally make you sick - in other words you've had more than you can take (tolerate) about some situation or the actions of some individual.

There you go. Upstarts and Oligarchs, not just an interesting read (?) but educational too!

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